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Although South Marble Coffee House will open our doors in 2018, the dream began over a decade ago.  It wasn't simply a love of coffee that sparked the dream, but a desire to pour the perfect cup from the perfect beans.  It has only grown from there. When you dream of roasting, grinding and brewing the bean that keeps people wanting more, your only option is to open a coffee house, right?

The location we found was another dream come true.  We rented a space that we've been told was originally built in the late 1800's.  

When we found it, the space was covered in plaster, sheet rock and tile, but we began major deconstruction to quickly find original brick and slate walls from the 1800's!

We believe our finished product will offer you a place to visit, rest and enjoy some history. It will offer you a place to work and sip the perfect cup of coffee. It will offer you a space to meet with your friends and hear some local acoustic music.

We hope to offer you the perfect local coffee house that you cannot wait to visit again.

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