About the Bean:

Costa Rica, Central Valley Region

Honey Process

1200 Meters

Direct Trade

Notes- Citrus Fruit, Milk Chocolate


About Us:

We are a family owned business in West Georgia. We roast in-house, and have a passion for all things coffee. We are hands-on in every step of the process, from bean selection to the final roast and packaging. Even the artwork on this bag was done by our own barista, Caitlyn. Visit us to schedule a tasting at our Coffee Academy! Order our products and roasts online at SouthMarbleCoffee.com


Coffee Series:

We have created various series in which to include different roasts. This series is our Speakeasy series, which features different personalities from that era.    Flapper- The slang term for a trendy lady in the 1920’s

Flapper's Find Medium Roast

Whole Bean or Ground

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